How can I get Involved?

Influencers can get involved in the following ways:

  1. Follow the page and engage( like and comment appropriately) with our content to allow for your presence to be noticed( ie we are seriously looking for individuals who resonate with the work we do and the brands we partner with) This is not intended to be a “fame game” there will be PR as a result of being involved, however our prime purpose is to have an engaged and well respected team of influencers who love doing voluntary work and do it with passion , purpose and love.
  2. Participate in our challenges, ie the current one is for Reach for a dream and requires you to participate in the Slipper Challenge. Grab, your slippers, strike a pose and tag the following:
    • #jointhespark
    • #slipperday2019challenge
    • #influencers4good
    • #__________yourlocation
  3. The funds raised from this prized initiative allow for more dreams to become a reality for terminally ill children. More information can be sourced on this link
  4. We are looking for makeup artists, photographers and assistants to also want to get involved and offer their skills for future shoots, , please drop us an email at : for some detail on how this works for collaborations/ trade exchanges such as this. We would love to partner with you

How Does It work

The Aim is to partner with brands that are open to utilising the power of social media to drive awareness of campaigns and other initiatives.

At this point it is all voluntary, But we do see longer term goals with creating a niche of Influencers that will be able to branch out into initiatives independently of the voluntary efforts.

The Power of social media cannot be understated at present, despite how little one may be know or appreciate. It has been noted that most millenials prefer spending hours on social media, instead of watching movies or series. It is a force, and it utilized properly will allow for the necessary reach that it will provide


Join the Spark!

Everyone has it, those minutes, of inspiration that set your soul on fire and you tell yourself, I could do this for the rest of my life.

Well using my voice for those who may not have one is something I have been extremely passionate about for the longest times, since high school, defending my colleagues and friends from Bullies, was what I was known for, it grew deeper when I started my corporate career, often opting to be the people advocate and embracing the need for change and empowerment of those who needed it!

Today I offer myself through mentorship programmes for disadvantaged communities and offer brand enhancement knowledge within the corporate sphere.

The Soul Spark is just that, bringing together powerhouse influencers in South Africa all to create awareness and drive up income sources, on social causes, for social causes through scheduled campaigns and partnerships with our passion projects.

At present, this is a voluntary movement and seeks individuals truly committed to giving back, in the most effective way, through utilizing your time and voice to create change, through authenticity and being who you truly are.

This is a movement for the Game changers and World Changes!!

So are you ready to join the spark and make your voice heard?